Referee Information

Region 354 Referees

Welcome to the online home of the Region 354 Referees.

If you are already a certified AYSO referee and have filled out a volunteer form for this year, you may signup to referee a game by clicking the button below. If you aren't a certified referee, but would like to help our region with one of the very most important volunteer responsibilities, please use our contact form to get in touch. We run training several times a year and would love to put you on the roster for the next class.

Referee Incentive Program

Referees this year have been accumulating points by contributing their time and skills to the region. Each week we’ll award a gift card to one active referee and points will accumulate through the season for year-end awards, including trophies for Referee of the Year and runners-up in both adult and player/referee categories.

Here is what you need to have to qualify to join the program:

  • A current AYSO volunteer form on file at;
  • AYSO Safe Haven training completed at;
  • CDC Concussion Awareness completed (find under the heading of Safe Haven on the same site);
  • A referee certification of U-8 or higher; and
  • Serve as a Referee or Assistant Referee in one of our games.

Referees accumulate points through the following:

  • Serve as Center Referee 10-20 points per game.†
  • Serve as Assistant Referee 5-10 points per game.†
  • Attend Season Referee Update 50 points.
  • Increase your level of certification 100 points.*

†Coaches and referee evaluators may award bonus points to referees based on their conduct of the game. The reviews of opposing coaches are considered, so calling a game heavily on one side, will not help a referee's points. Coach responses are weighted so a coach who rates everyone the minimum, will effectively rate everyone as average.

*Referees who earn their initial certification or upgrade to Intermediate, Advanced, or National will receive a bonus of 100 referee points.

If you have questions or comments about this program contact your Regional Referee Administrator or visit us on Facebook.