Logo Design Contest

We need two logos for our region!

The upcoming tournament and other exciting activities we have in the works require us to take branding of our region a little more seriously than we have in the past—and like everything else in the region, we need your help! Submit your ideas for the logos for both our region and for our upcoming tournament, and you could win a gift card and the shirt with your brilliant logo on it, but best of all, you’ll be known forever as that genius who created Region 354’s outstanding logo.

What we are looking for is symbolism that is uniquely Sandy and Draper that doesn’t look exactly like our neighbors in Region 126. Remember it is the idea that is being judged, not the artwork—so let those creative juices flow. You can email your ideas to logo@sandysoccerskills.com or bring them to the referee tent any Saturday between March 25th and April 15th.

Back to Soccer Night

Please join us for a parent/coaches night on Friday the 10th at 6PM at Union Middle School in the cafeteria. If you are a team parent we NEED you to be there. We will be discussing volunteers, snack shack and coach requirements. Please bring all of your comments and suggestions on how we can improve our league, we would love to hear from you. FOOD will be served so come hungry. See you all there.